October 2018

We Get It: Our Unique Approach to Dementia

Did you know there are over 100 types of Dementia? The Care Team at St Patrick’s Green does and they understand that each type requires a different approach to care. Every team member in our Aged Care Home undertakes Dementia training, which supports the individual style of care they provide to each of the residents living with Dementia in Synergy House. 

Getting to know our resident’s diagnosis is the first step in creating a personalised care plan for them and will determine the types of lifestyle choices (activities) we will recommend. By understanding our resident’s type of Dementia, our team can then provide that resident with the appropriate support. ‘Whilst a lot of Aged Care Homes have something similar to Synergy House, a lot of them don’t have a different approach for each type of Dementia – instead we often see the same approach being used for every resident. We’re unique here at St Patrick’s Green because we care for each of our residents living with Dementia in different ways,’ said  Lisa Norwood, Lifestyle Team Leader.
It all comes back to person-centred care: in our Aged Care Home we get to know our residents, their lives andtheir reality. When a new resident moves in, we sit down with their family to gain a better understanding of their life history and choices. This information is then given out to our Care Team so they can take a personalised approach when caring for and building a relationship with that resident. The St Patrick’s Green team doesn’t just know the resident as Jan who lives in room 622, but instead they know she is Jan who spent her years dancing and now listening to music helps her to feel calm. 
In Synergy House we treat each of our residents as the individuals they are. The residents of our Aged Care Home living with Dementia are no different to any other resident, they are treated the same and involved in our community. St Patrick’s Green provides a friendly and supportive environment, with all staff proud supporters of the Dementia Friends program. 
If you have a loved one living with Dementia, and would like to learn more about our unique and personalised approach to care, contact the team at St Patrick’s Green, Kogarah today. To arrange a tour of Synergy House in our Aged Care Home call us on 02 9097 9175 or email stpatricksgreen@greengate.com.au.