December 2018

Expert Tips for Moving into a Retirement Village

When it comes to moving into a retirement village, no one is better equipped to give advice than our actual residents. We sat down with Patricia and Daphne from St Brigid’s Green, so that we could provide you with real, first-hand advice. Both Patricia and Daphne have made the big move and haven’t looked back, so if you’re thinking of moving into a village, keep reading for their expert tips.

1. Understand the contract
Ensure that you fully understand all of the details in your contract, particularly the financial aspects - both ladies listed this as their number one tip. It’s vital that you understand the entry fees, ongoing fees, and exit fees you’ll be required to pay when living in a village.
Patricia said, “does your solicitor have a thorough knowledge of the Retirement Villages Act?” Daphne added, “ask the Law Society in your state for a list of solicitors trained in the Retirement Living Act. Most solicitors are experts in conveyancing, but only a few are experts on the Retirement Villages Act.”
2. Consider convenience
Remember that as you age, your mobility and eyesight may decrease and the time may come when you can no longer drive. Therefore, it’s important to choose a retirement village where transport and shops are nearby and easily accessible. Patricia also added, “understand that independent living means just that; can you care for yourself?”
3. Size it up
Take the time to inspect your apartment and measure the rooms, as the furniture in your home may not fit into your new apartment. “Check the cupboards and wardrobes to see how much from your home will fit into the spaces of your new apartment” said Daphne.
4. Locality
Stay in an area you know, and don’t move too far away from your family and close friends. Patricia highlighted that “ease of contact will be important to you, particularly as you grow older.” Note that if you move far from your present home, you may need to change doctors as you will need your GP to be easily accessible.
5. Change of address
Make a list of people to inform of your change of address. Just some of the places Daphne mentioned included: the ATO, doctors and dentists, NRMA, banks, the post office and your superfund. Don’t forget your phone provider, “start talking to them three weeks in advance of your move” said Daphne.
6. Services
What services are available in the retirement village? Be sure to check if there are domestic services, such as cleaning and meals, available if required. If you’re feeling unwell, these services can make a big difference in your life. Also, check to see what recreational and social facilities are available at the Village. Patricia stated, “find out what services are available, and what additional costs are involved.”
7. Pets Policy
Finally, “if you have a furry friend, check the Village Policy regarding pets” said Patricia.
Here at Greengate, our villages are located close to amenities and transport. At both St Brigid’s Green and St Patrick’s Green, we provide a range of in-home services for you (and your furry friend) as well as a varied social calendar. If you have any questions about retirement living in a Greengate Village, please call us today on 02 9097 9175 or email or