March 2017

Celebrating 100 Years Young

Last Friday there was excitement in the air at St Brigid’s Green, Maroubra with a milestone birthday celebration. Angela De Domizio, a favourite resident in the St Brigid’s Green Aged Care Home, celebrated her 100th birthday on the 17th of March. 

Angela’s family and friends from the village attended the party to enjoy some shandies and birthday cake. The Mayor, Noel De Souza, also attended the birthday celebrations to present Angela with her much anticipated letter from the Queen. It was a lovely party, with the music consisting of Angela’s favourite songs from the past hundred years. 
Angela, one of the most spirited ladies at St Brigid’s Green, originally hails from Egypt. She moved to Australia in her youth to settle in Sydney with her husband and son. Since moving into the Aged Care Home in 2015, Angela has been an active member of the community and has always been happy to share her culture with other residents. We tried to catch Angela on Friday afternoon to ask her what her secret to ageing so well is, but she had already left with her family to go to a concert!
The staff at St Brigid’s Green all love talking to Angela and have learned many things from her, including the correct way to make an Italian pizza and many historical facts about Egypt. Patrick Heanue, the village’s Lifestyle Coordinator, said ‘Angela is a frequent attendee of many of our activities here, and she truly epitomizes the phrase Living life to the full.’ Happy 100th Birthday to Angela, may she have many happy years ahead of her.
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